golden buddha

Saturday / time tbc / September 1
Taos Mesa Brewing Mothership / Taos

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It’s a long story …

They are the originators of the Mantra-Rock sound of the 90’s which has now infused itself into the consciousness of the new millennia.

With Teo Castro on Guitar and Vocals, Billy Stobo on Drums, and Jeffrey Dimmick on Bass, Golden Buddha becomes a mixture of ancient tones and modern sounds, interwoven with funky tribal rhythms and a hard biting edge.

  • The pulsating grooves of the bass are sensual and erotic.
  • The unrelenting drums are thunderous and melodic.
  • The soaring guitars and mystic vocals are penetrating and chaotic.

Years of playing clubs and festivals throughout Europe (Montreux Jazz, Burg Hersberg, Paleo, etc.) with psychedelic icons such as Damo Suzuki from “Can”, Hawkwind, Gong, Guru Guru, Mann, Faust, and Birth Control, as well as touring The States with bands like Jane’s Addiction , Queens of the Stone Age, Perfect Circle, Audioslave, Incubus, Kings of Leon and more has galvanized these three men into one simple and powerful musical force. And, it has given them the great opportunity to share their music with thousands of thankful people …


The Zephaniah Stringfield Band

Saturday / time tbc / September 1
Taos Mesa Brewing Mothership / Taos

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Performing with raw intensity and moving dynamism, Zephaniah Stringfield sings stories about his travels from the SF Bay Area to New Mexico and beyond, weaving biblical references and archetypes of traditional folklore with stories of highways, girls and greyhound buses. His songs echo bluegrass and country music, rock-a-billy and the blues, but his clever lyrics and up-front delivery are both modern and relevant.

It is music both hauntingly familiar and uniquely his own.

“Simultaneously poignant and toe-tapping, this is the good stuff” KNCE Radio 93.5 Taos, NM

Winner of the 2016 Walnut Valley Festival New Song Showcase for song "Going to North Carolina"

2016 Semi-Finalist in International Songwriting Competition (ISC)

New album, The Book Of Zephaniah, produced by Mike West (Shawn Mullins, Split Lip Rayfield)

“Not a passive experience but more a journey alongside the artist” Utne Reader, Topeka, KS


Friday / time tbc / August 30
Venue tbc / Taos Plaza

Saturday / time tbc / September 1
Taos Mesa Brewing Mothership

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Paracosmic is a collaborative project of musicians from various parts of California and the United States. The band’s sound can be described as a funk-based improv flow, incorporating rock and blues with a keen taste for the psychedelic soundscape.

Forming through the deep seeded dreams of 4 individuals, Paracosmic began in 2015 in Los Angeles through mutual friends in the southern California music scene and festival circuits. Since then, the band has grown to a 6 piece and along with playing several staple venues in Los Angeles, are making their way onto Festival line-ups with their favorite artists.

So what does the name mean? Paracosmic is the adjective of the word Paracosm, which is a detailed, imaginary world. Within that concept the 6 musicians aim to take you on a very lucid yet imaginary funk voyage through your mind and reality simultaneously for a rockin good time!

Keep your ears peeled for PARACOSMIC.


bittersweet highway

Friday / time tbc / August 30
Venue tbc / Taos

Saturday / time tbc / September 1
Taos Mesa Brewing Mothership / Taos

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Bittersweet Highway is the singer-songwriter duo of Rene’ Janiece and Wayne McKinzie. They hail from a thriving metropolis of 13 that scratches the border of Southern Colorado and Northern New Mexico. Living and traveling along the edges of America, theirs is music that rises from the fringes, in place and in style. It crosses genres and blends the sounds that have influenced these two as individuals, combining to create something strikingly original. It is no wonder they call their particular brand of music “Borderland Americana.”  And this Borderland Americana is also artful Americana – visually evocative and carefully crafted. This is music that is thought about, and music that makes us think. More importantly, this is music that urges us to feel. Poetic lyrics. Smooth, resonant vocals. Surprising phrasing. Wanderlust and loss, longing and belonging, irony and epiphany rise and fall through imagery and sound as varied and wide as the land they call home. Melodic conversations are revealed; evoke the stories that hide in the gravel and grass of the roadside. Live, Bittersweet Highway’s relaxed and intimate rapport with each other and their audience allows for a wonderfully interactive experience that speaks to the journeys of the heart, the bitter and the sweet that are scattered along the road of life.

  • Finalists – “It All Falls Away” – Best Album at the Southwest Independent Artist Awards 2017
  • Finalists – “It All Falls Away” – Best Americana/Singer-Songwriter Song at the Southwest Independent Artist Awards 2017
  • Honorable Mention Singer/Songwriter Competition “The Woodie Guthrie Folk Festival”  2015
  • Finalist - Rene’ Janiece - Best Indie South West Female Artist/Group category at the Independent Music Awards South West 2014

Aaron Gilmartin

Friday / time tbc / August 30
Venue tbc / Taos Plaza

Saturday / time tbc / September 1
Taos Mesa Brewing Mothership

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DC born, raised by Texans on a diet of American Song, spirituals, rhythms and poetry Aaron Gilmartin is an award-winning composer and song-writer for film, stage and people’s enjoyment. Scored Once Upon A Line, a film shortlisted for the 2017 Oscar that won the 2016 Student Academy Award and took top honors at BAFTA among others.

The songs for his first album were written on hiatus from NYC in Tucson where he worked with Calexico’s Jacob Valenzuela on trumpet and toured with Adam Levy of Norah Jones band. His songs bring the flamenco guitar together with looping and sampling of his band.

Currently playing the new batch of songs written in West Adams LA Aaron is now a full time dad while composing and touring the US.


pris and goyo

Saturday / time tbc / September 1
Taos Mesa Brewing Mothership

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Frequencies bring us together like water trickles down from the High Mountains to the ocean. Pris and Goyo, Los Angeles natives, join together for love of music and movement towards equality, and rejoice mostly with rare not-so-often played cover songs from everyone's past. Pris is an enthusiast of various levels of music, dance and art of all mediums. With her ongoing studies for master degree in Dance Choreography she has recently discovered her own voice with guitar accompaniment from Greg "Goyo" Hernandez.


la mimosas

Saturday / time tbc / August 11
Bürgerhaus / Niederdorfelden


La Mimosas, the bluesy, crossover Rock’n Soul Band from Frankfurt/Germany is coming to town.

What you can expect is that they will play and perform their original songs from the (1st) previous album production „Soul on Fire“ (released in 2013) and brand new tunes from the album „Unity in Diversity“ (released August 2017).

Equipped with many years of live performing experience, entertainment and musical talent can look forward to being part of their wild, intense and emotional musical performance – and of course to listen to their „finest selection of Rock’n Soul“ Songs on your stage if it’s a festival or a music club venue.


Wolf Schubert K.

Saturday / time tbc / August 11
Bürgerhaus / Niederdorfelden


Wolf Schubert-K. is an old hand of his genre and yet an insider tip. The singer-songwriter has always carved out his own niche in European rock and folk music.

In the 90s Wolf was on the road as a pioneer of what was then called “Alternative Country”. With the DIRTY BIRDIES, the COSMIC TWINS and the American songwriter/author Bob Lyng, he toured France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

After a ten-year-long, search-driven recovery, Wolf returned with his “Sacred Blues” album in 2009, clarified and much more thoughtful.

After a total of 4 albums, “Free Spirit”, a rough folk album with guests from the singer/songwriter scene, including his wife BINE MORGENSTERN, is out now.


barry conley

Saturday / time tbc / August 11
Bürgerhaus / Niederdorfelden


Barry Conley is a professional recording engineer, producer and musician. In his formative years, Barry studied electronic and experimental music composition with Earle Brown (cohort of John Cage) and Morton Subotnick.

Barry’s professional career started with an engineering position at Baby’O Recorders in Hollywood where he worked with George Harrison, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Barry went on to work at Sunset Sound and Paramount Recording Studios with such artists as Miles Davis, B.B. King, Ike Turner, and The Stray Cats.

Barry Conley’s band “The Aliens That Ate Hollywood” was featured on The Desert Sessions volume 6 “Black Anvil Ego” record put out by Josh Homme (Queens of The Stone Age).

While waiting for the members of Cypress Hill to arrive at a recording session for their “Stoned Raiders” record, Barry invented and devised a portable joystick/photo optically controlled analog synthesizer/effects processor named the “OutofControl-atron”. Seven years in the making and played on many records including Black Label Society’s “Mafia”.

Barry currently plays in several combos including Liquid Owsley, Splotch, Spiel, and The Aliens. Barry has been known to do solo “abductions”, sometimes known as “sonic colonics”, with his various Buchla synthesizers and the OutofControl-atron.

Barry currently owns Outer Space, a recording studio in Venice, California where he has recently worked with Luicidal and Robert Trujillo (Metallica).


special guests of the fest


Adrienne Braswell

Adrienne Braswell, from Taos, N.M., is multi-genre vocal artist and award-winning singer-songwriter for her Blues song "Scrawny Little White Girl" at the New Mexico Music Awards.

She has shared the stage with B.B. King, Lyle Lovett and Jimmy la Fave - to name a few.


The Second wind endeavor

THE SECOND WIND ENDEAVOR is the music of composer/singer/guitarist Michael Virga. He is joined by Isaiah Kortright on guitar/bass, Evan Sanchez on drums/percussion, and Rose Dragoo on viola/vocals. Michael and Isaiah began playing music together in Tucson, AZ in 2015, and upon moving to Taos in the spring of 2017, subsequently joined forces with Evan and Rose who had recently relocated from Austin, Texas. 

Garbed in the outer stylings of the folk singer-songwriter groove, the group’s music is deeply informed by blues, soul, classical, and good ol’ rock & roll. While an as-of-yet young band, each musician in The Second Wind Endeavor carries years of experience and gained proficiency on their respective instruments and collectively, are excited to grow together as a creative unit on this next leg of the adventure. 

Before officially forming as a group, Michael released a self-recorded first album on Bandcamp in June of this year, titled “When The Birds Return.”


tony mason

TONY MASON re-defines the term “One Man Band”! A singer/song writer, who traveled to Vermont by way of New York City basket houses in Greenwich Village, the 1960's folk revival, and tours of New England in clubs and schools as well as the College Coffee House circuit. Tony gets excited with the new electronics that enable him to play all the parts – and then sing, too! It has been said of him - “His barrage of charm, skill, syncopation and exuberance completely captivates the audience.”

During this time, he was part of couple of bands, the Mojo Four and Children of God. Performing in Boston, Tony played in a duo called Tony and Eddie opening club shows for Odetta, Chuck Berry, J. Giles Blues Band and Kenny Rogers and the First Edition. 

During the 1990's, while living in Portland, Oregon, Tony developed an interest in MIDI and synthesizers. He worked and developed arrangements for many of his songs and the one-man band grew out of these creations. 












stranger liquids

Saturday / September 1
Taos Mesa Brewing Mothership

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Stranger Liquids lightshow is a collection of liquid artists based in Southern California founded in 2016. Utilizing decade old techniques, overhead projectors are used to make all the effects by hand. Bright colors and hypnotic movement paint Stranger Liquids as one of the most psychedelic light shows on the West Coast. Ready for large festivals to small venues, Stranger Liquids brings the classic psychedelic experience everywhere they go.

All photos and video taken by @Lucki_Aki







R.E.A.L. (Raw Energy And Life) Foods

Saturday / September 1
Taos Mesa Brewing Mothership

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R.E.A.L (Raw Energy and Life) Foods is a company started by Erinn Williams, a raw vegan who created Rawkin Raw Chocolate, Raw chocolates packed with SuperFoods + Anti-Oxidants, Cacao, Goji Berries, Maca and Spirulina. Sold in CA, AZ, NV, & MT, available online and at Whole Foods, Erewhon, Co-ops, and other natural foods stores.

Raw vegan superfood chocolate truffles, superfood macaroons and protein cookies!


Santa Fe Olive Oil & Balsamic Co.

Friday / 7-9pm / August 31
Santa Fe Olive Oil & Balsamic Co. / Taos

Saturday / September 1
Taos Mesa Brewing Mothership

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We are very excited to sponsor the VIP Reception for Field Trippin’ Festival 2018 in Taos right on the historic Taos Plaza! The Santa Fe Olive Oil and Balsamic Co. was launched in 2010 and now has two tasting rooms, each located on the plaza in Santa Fe and Taos. Our goal is to bring people and communities from all over the world together while enjoying the benefits of the finest Extra Virgin Olive Oil and quality Balsamic that we can source. We believe that by educating communities about the real health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as well as quality aged balsamic, that we are able to make positive impacts on communities for a long time to come. It is an additional bonus that we might be able to further that positive impact through sponsoring a musical event like the Field Trippin’ Festival 2018: Venice Beach on the Mesa! 

Joriah Kavanagh                            
103 East Taos Plaza, Taos, NM 87571            

Michael Aranda
116 Don Gaspar Avenue, Santa Fe, NM 87501



Saturday / September 1
Taos Mesa Brewing Mothership

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Karmahigh is a Spirit based company that sells and shares uniquely conscious creations infused with Love and Light. We use a wide range of Spiritually Charged, Eco-friendly, EarthMama Connected and Socially engaged materials to mak e a beautiful collection of Sacred Adornment, Fashion Accessories, Healing Products, and Spirit Medicine Designs that will not only touch your heart but will also connect this EarthMama energy as a whole. 

We are very much into story telling as an ancient art and way to engage the spirit of what we do with who we are. Therefore, at lot of what we create, comes from an intuitive knowing and an artistic sense that originates from many of our travels and our connections with others. 

Our background in the artistic realms has been many. But let us just say..that the most important teacher to our creations has been the beauty of life itself.

Our mission is to be of service to humanity through the art of creativity and the blossoming spirit. For this reason we appreciate all your love and support!! Moving one spirit at a time. One Heart. One Love. Many Blessings to all. 



Christian Debus

Saturday / August 11
Bürgerhaus / Niederdorfelden



Moderner Surrealismus

Morbide Kunst aus Frankfurt / Germany … Oder - wie man den Teufel an die Wand malt. Zeitgenössische und Moderne Kunst vom netten Künstler aus der Nachbarschaft. 

Ich male schon mein ganzes Leben lang - habe aber erst in den letzten Jahren angefangen meine Arbeiten aktiv zu veröffentlichen. Warum so viele Schädel… ? Keine Ahnung. Wahrscheinlich weil ich damit aktuell besser meine Meinung ausdrücken kann. 


Modern Surrealism

Morbid art from Frankfurt Germany … Or - how to paint the devil on the wall. Contemporary and modern art by the nice artist from the neighborhood. 

I have been painting my whole life - but I have only started to actively publish my work in recent years. Why so many skulls...? No idea. Probably because I can currently better express my opinion. 


eve ve - Stahlstrickerei

Saturday / August 11
Bürgerhaus / Niederdorfelden

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Ob per Viking Knit gestrickte Ketten oder per Wire Wrapping detailreich gefertigte Anhänger - die Schmuckgestaltung mit Draht hat es mir angetan! 

Seit 2013 fertige ich Schmuckstücke aus hochwertigen Schmuckdrähten und liebevoll ausgesuchten Edelsteinen. 



If viking-knitted necklaces or wire-wrapped gemstone-pendants - jewellery crafting with wires is my passion! 

Crafting of jewellery pieces out of high quality wires and selected gemstones since 2013.