ODESSA SAWYER is an illustrator and doll maker from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her dolls are made from mostly all recycled fabrics. Each new doll begins with the fabrics, which Odessa lets shape the design organically. Her work ranges from whimsical animals to fantastical monsters and each doll is one of a kind and crafted with pride. 


TAOS FACE PAINT & BODY ART Joyfully serving Taos NM and surrounding areas. We offer high quality face painting, body art, henna and temporary tattoos. We bring sparkle to any event, party or festival with our creative, magical designs for kids, teens and adults.

We use top quality products such as Wolfe, Diamond FX, organic Maharani henna, and many more amazing brands. From big festivals to private parties, it is our mission to offer the best experience and bring creative expression to you.

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Teresa Montez

Hi, I'm Teresa. I live in a quaint cabin in the woods. I design, alter, and make clothing, jewelry, lighting. I am a hair stylist also, and tend to have my hand in many things. Anyway, I have been creating art my whole life. I was raised in a very artistic family, and living on a ranch, with a really minimal lifestyle, really taught me to appreciate the serene time to the self, imagination, and just how important it is to put love and energy into the things we put out there. I have had the opportunity to have a few art openings, fashion shows, and participate in many festivals, and continue to make a variety of things. I'm inspired by so many things, so you will find that I make many one of a kind items, which I am glad to share. My work tends to make an appearance to me with the need to become manifest, so I will continue to honor that. I am always working on upgrading my workmanship, but find it very important to upcycle, recycle, and redefine how we use objects, vintage textiles, and lace. I am open and grateful to be here. I love New Mexico and it shows in my tribal fusion style clothing utilizing screen prints, hand-stenciled freestyle drawings, luxury vintage lace and velvet pieces, headpieces, jewelry, leather, crystals, and arrowheads which I collect myself whenever possible. My salon and boutique is called "Theater Noir" and my lighting line and art is called "New Illuminations." 

Cinda Kay Campbell

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Cinda Kay Campbell

Cinda Kay Campbell is a Physic Medium and Celestial Guide. She first started seeing and hearing beyond the physical from a young age. At 23 she began to actively hone her skills to translate the invisible world, through the ancient art of tarot and many other energy/healing modalities. 

Cinda has traveled the world, going to many spiritual locations far and wide. All the while communing with higher energies such as Ascended Masters and other Higher Beings at these locations. These higher energies assist her in the readings. It's Cinda's passion to share the energy and healing that comes from the celestial world.